Lauralee Ragsdale - Marriage & Family Therapist

Is couples therapy right for you?

  • Do you feeling like something is missing in your relationship?
  • Are you having the same conversations over and over again, with no resolution?
  • Do you wonder if you share the same values, hopes and dreams as your partner?
  • Do you even know what your partner values anymore?

Many couples struggle in their daily interactions. There are often unspoken desires, expectations, and destructive behaviors that get in the way of meaningful day-to-day interactions. This can cause you to feel disconnected from your partner. You may have tried many things to navigate through the landmines of hurt feelings and misunderstandings without seeing the results for which you were hoping.

You may now be ready to call a therapist.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the therapist with whom you have chosen to share your story. In my work with couples, I am very active and involved. I use compassion and humor in an effort to create an environment in which each partner can share his or her feelings, hopes and expectations. We then explore the assumptions, communications styles and family of origin dynamics that each bring to the relationship. Building on this knowledge base we can then introduce the necessary skills to help the partners reconnect.

Should all couples stay together?

My philosophy is that I will work to strengthen your relationship unless you tell me otherwise. Though my work with couples is usually focused on fixing what's broken in the relationship, there have been times that couples, through attending therapy, decide that they do not wish to stay together. Good couples therapy can help them to make this decision carefully and thoughtfully.


I have completed Level 1 Training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy, and use Gottman Couples Therapy in my work.