Lauralee Ragsdale - Marriage & Family Therapist

For Teens

The teenage years can be a difficult time for families as teens begin to go through major physical and emotional changes. During this time, it is common for teens to begin to distance themselves from their parents and family, while at the same time, their friendships with their peers become more important than ever before. They begin to confide less in their parents and more in their friends. During this transition, parents may begin to see new and worrisome behaviors and may feel that their influence over their teen is diminishing.

How can therapy help?

While some teens can cope with difficult life events better than others, almost all teens can benefit from talking to a counselor. Counseling can provide teens a safe place where they can express a full range of emotions and have their feelings reflected back to them without judgment. In this environment they can work on issues of:

Walk n' Talk for Teens

If you feel that your teen may be interested in Walk n’ Talk Therapy, please click on the link for more information


Adolescents have a right to confidentiality. While I will regularly communicate with parents, this communication will generally include generalities rather than specifics, as this is the best way for me to develop a trusting relationship with your teen. In addition, I will also make suggestions that you can implement as a family that will benefit your relationship. There are a few instances where I would be required to break confidentiality, and these exceptions will be discussed with you and your teen during the first session.